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Once upon a time, I began making an engine in Monogame for my ultimate uber game of awesomeness. Witch Way was a test case to prove that the bare bones of that engine are functional. I have since, sadly, abandoned that engine for Unity, but I release the game here for posterity. I don't expect anyone to give money for it, but if you want to send a couple of bucks my way, I'll be super grateful.

Witch Way is a momentum-based shooter.  Swoop around on your broom, shoot down enemy witches, and catch the candies they drop. Dashing allows you to move faster at the expense of less control. You can also try to crash into enemies from above or rear-end them.

UNDOCUMENTED FEATURE: at the insistence of my wife, who is a more hardcore gamer than myself, I added the ability to use "wasd" to control, left-shift to dash and space to shoot. These controls are not listed on the control screen.

UNDOCUMENTED FEATURE: To reset the high score, delete "hs.dat" in the data folder.

UNDOCUMENTED FEATURE: The *.terbl and *.anm files in the data folder are the animation scripts in my homebrew scripting language based loosely on FORTH. Modifying them can seriously mess up your game. I don't recommend it. But if you're curious, feel free to have a look.

The character of Candy the witch returned in a collaboration with KR Game Studios, Candy Raid: the Factory (candyraid.com).


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A fun little game, but I can't get passed the second stage. Best played with a controller, methinks.